Our Vision

„With not only jobs but entire industries disappearing, we must help people to retrain for a new world. “ – Stephen Hawking

Our vision is to empower and enable organizations to transform their mindset, leadership and learning by leveraging today’s challenges and delivering intelligent digital learning experiences.

What We Value

We live in an age of growing abundance with accelerating technologies and demand for new skill-sets. Exponential mindsets are key to addressing not only today’s but tomorrow’s challenges. With great challenge comes great opportunity and room for growth. We believe that scalable, personalized and actionable learning are at the core of how organizations, leaders, and teams will stay competitive and create lasting impact.


Creativity & Curiosity


Openness & Empathy


Resourcefulness & Resilience


Engagement & Technology


Mindex has relationships with education franchises such as Singularity University and TEDx as well as the idea driven agency red onion and curages conference management GmbH our affiliate companies.






Who We Are

Nikolaus Weil

Nikolaus Weil

Managing Partner

Nikolaus  began his professional career working as an M&A attorney.  In 1998, he founded the Berlin based executive film production and financing company Greenlight Media. As an executive producer he was involved in notable film projects, such as BBC box office hits Deep Blue and Planet Earth I and II. In 2004, he co-founded an international investment group for telecommunications and insurance-data investments and led its institutional fund raising unit.

Based in Berlin since 2000, he is deeply rooted and connected in the local and international digital entrepreneur ecosystem. As an investor he has developed a portfolio of multiple digital businesses. On numerous occasions Nikolaus has appeared as a speaker on exponential technology, learning and business issues. He is also a founding member of Young Presidents Organization (YPO) Berlin and serves on the YPO European Regional Executive Committee. He is a SingularityU Alumni and also Executive Director at SingularityU Germany Summit.

stephan bw

Stephan Balzer

Managing Partner

Stephan Balzer has a background in marketing and communications, having delivered interactive services both online and offline for the past 25 years. He was an early employee at Pixelpark and built his own digital agency in the early days of the internet. After selling his agency in 2000, he built Red Onion and brought TED to Germany as a TEDx ambassador.


He co-founded Stiftung Neue Verantwortung, a think tank on society & technology in Berlin, and co-founded Contemporary Arts Alliance, a non-profit to support contemporary artists. He also co-founded media.net in Berlin to support the creative industries in the region. Stephan is an avid art collector and is passionate about technology and learning.

We are hiring!

We are currently hiring learning experts, freelancers and interns to join our team. If you are as passionate and excited about change the world of learning, let’s make it happen! Send us a message for further information.